Saad Iqra Trust

The Saad Iqra Trust is a charitable fund. It supports of schools and provides education of orphans and children from poor family.

The Saad Iqra Trust's mission is to provide the opportunity for a good education to children who otherwise have no access to schools. Teachers of our schools assist students with the knowledge they need to succeed and produce self-confident, civic-minded people, equipped to think for themselves in today's world and realise their potential.

The Saad Iqra Trust was founded in 2009 on the base of Iqra School, which has worked well since 1980 and was registered by the Govt. Education Department in 1986, in a locality known as Dhobi Ghat in Harunabad

General Information
Registration Number 3010, Dated June 27, 2009.
Registered under the government of Pakistan Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies